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Angela H. ★★★★★

I bought a home from Six Points Homes last year. The home is as beautiful as it is well built and our family has enjoyed living in it as this builder really puts thought into how a family might live in a home. The flow of the rooms and the openness of the plan make it a great house for both entertaining and day to day living.

During the year, as little issues have come up, Six Points Homes has responded promptly to all of our calls and requests. As we come to the one-year anniversary, they reached out to us to touch up the paint and to make sure that every issue has been fully addressed. This has been the best home ownership experience and the best builder I have ever worked with.

Yolanda L. ★★★★★

Ron & his team at Six Point Homes have been a dream to work with. Quality construction and the best customer service! They were so fast to respond to any small issue that came up and had it taken care of very quickly. Special shout-out to Bree who has been an amazing point of contact throughout the process! We highly recommend working with them and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future!

Bobby N. ★★★★★

If you're looking for first class service, attention to detail, and professionalism in every possible way, Six Points Homes is the best of the best. Their style and architecture was the perfect fit for our family's taste and their process is seamless from start to finish.


They are efficient in everything they do and they make sure everyone on their team gives their best effort to every aspect of your space. We have lived in our home now for six months and couldn't be happier. And we've referred Six Points to others, who have felt similar to us. We can't recommend their team enough and look forward to seeing more of their new projects across Atlanta!

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Joseph W. ★★★★★

I have never experienced such a high degree of professionalism, responsiveness, and accountability. The process leading up to completing the sale was very enjoyable. Ron and Bree and the entire team provided constructive advice and did excellent work to finalize the sale.

My anticipation, based on past experience, is that the seller would "ghost" us as soon as the ink was dry. Not so with these people. Even one year after the sale was complete, they were reaching out to see if they could come for a one year inspection to look for defects, chipped paint, or any other concerns. They were exceedingly responsive with garage door issues, minor plumbing issues, and all other considerations for the first year after the sale. I will not work with anyone else in the future!

Rishin K. ★★★★★

The home we purchased was built by Six Points and we have loved it! A few things here and there have come up (to be expected with any new build) - and they have been great about getting these smaller issues addressed. The entire team is very professional and helpful. Great people to work with

Ben T. ★★★★★

I used Six Points for a major renovation including a 2nd story addition. I heard stories from friends and neighbors about the headaches dealing with contractors when building or renovating so I was skeptical of all contractors. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the service, responsiveness, and craftsmanship of Six Points. They provided guidance every step along the way. Ron took the lead with construction, Yakir handled the interior finishes, and Daniel managed the budget and financials. The coordinated effort of Ron, Yakir, and Daniel made the process seamless and efficient. It’s inevitable that some obstacles will arise when a doing a major renovation, but Six Points was able to solve every challenge and meet our expectation. They’re not only a contractor but also a trusted advisor.

Andy C. ★★★★★

We had a wonderful experience with Six Points. They built a beautiful house for us that we love. The build process, while never easy regardless of who the builder is, was smooth and at times even fun! And being able to work with someone as talented as Ron was so nice. What really stands out about Six Points to me was the service after the sale. Huge credit for that goes to Bree for always being there to help with whatever we needed.

Juan S. ★★★★★

Six Point's combination of build expertise plus eye for design is what drew us to choose them in the first place. They were very hands on, accessible, and consultative during the build process, and with hundreds of selections/decisions to be made, they put our mind at ease at every step of the way. I strongly recommend them to friends, or anyone who's interested in building in the area.

Michael D. ★★★★★

I do not normally write reviews, but felt this was the time to do so. I will not bore you with a long review, but summarize Six Points as a premiere builder with a large coordinated crew both in and out of the office that has every sub-contractor at their finger tips. They deliver a high quality product and do not cut corners and above all - they are the best problem solvers out there. The truth is no matter who you select for a builder, you are going to encounter unforeseen challenges. You want the experience and attention to detail of Six Points. I have been in my new home for 3 months as of the date of this review and they have been there through every question or ask - the quality of the finishes and design is unique and better than any other builder in the market today. I added a custom bar and gym area that was completely designed and built by Six Points. So if you think of it - They can bring it to life better than you ever could imagine! Reach out to me if you have any questions, I am happy to speak to anyone looking for an honest 3rd party perspective.

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